Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

Worried about how to kickstart your new life as a university student in Canada? We can help!

Settling in Canada may appear easy, but it has its own challenges that vary among individuals based on their expectations and preparedness. Our Settlement Services has been designed to support and help international students as well as newcomers in general successfully settle and fully integrate in their new social and economic environment in Canada.

Our Settlement Services

Some of the main areas of support that we provide to newcomers are:

  • Step-by-step guidance on the landing process at the airport with Canadian Authorities and support with respect to your initial transportation from the airport to your temporary accomodation;
  • Arranging temporary accommodations in bed and breakfast hotels for initial few days and thereafter assisting to a place to live, namely, rental accommodation for longer periods and furnishings, if unfurnished;
  • Assisting in applying for basic cards, namely social insurance number, health cards, public transportation cards, etc;
  • Providing information on banking products and assist in the opening of bank account(s);
  • Assisting in the registration with employment agencies, drafting of resume and helping with job searches;
  • Providing assistance with respect to children’s schooling;
  • Providing assistance for any other matters such as driving licenses, property purchase, business set up, etc.

You can settle in Canada as a university student with much more confidence and peace of mind thanks to our Settlement Services!

Contact us now, we will be happy to assist and guide you through your journey.